Interdepartmental Committee on Trails

Interdepartmental Committee on Trails 

The Interdepartmental Committee on Trails (ICT) coordinates all provincial government related trail activities that intersect or cross departmental mandates.  The committee will interact with and seek input from a Trails Forum (composed of trails stakeholders) on related issues.

Sandy Anderson (Committee Co-Chair)
Parks Planner 
Dept Natural Resources 
Rick Gilbert (Committee Co-Chair)
Director Active Healthy Living 
Dept Health & Wellness

Andrew Paton
Service NS & Municipal Relations 
John Cooper
Program Admin Officer 
Dept of Environment 
Greg Newell
Area Manager 
Dept of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal 
Dawn Stegen
Director of Regional Services 
Dept Health & Wellness 
Oliver Maass
Policy & Program Coordinator Protected Areas 
Dept of Environment 
Jennifer MacIntyre
Tourism Development Officer 
Nova Scotia Tourism Agency 
Elizabeth Pugh
Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal

Steve Vines
Trails Consultant 
Dept Health & Wellness

Robin Norrie 
Manager of Recreation 
Dept Health & Wellness 

Trails Strategy Working Group 

NS Trails has been participating in a working group under the Interdepartmental Committee on Trails (ICT) over the past several months to assist in the development of a strategy for trails in Nova Scotia. A trails strategy was identified as one of the key outcomes of both the Government Summit and World Café held as part of the 2010 Trails for Tomorrow Today Conference.

The NS Trails' representatives who are serving on the working group are as follows: Holly Woodill, President; Ted Scrutton, Past President; Blaise MacEachern, TCT Committee Chair; Hilary Paquet, Director; Rick Jacques, Director; Vanda Jackson, Executive Director. These individuals responded to a call for interested participants sent to all NS Trails Directors.

Provincial Government representatives on the working group include: Rick Gilbert, DHW Director Active Healthy Living; Sandy Anderson, DNR Parks Planner; Robin Norrie, DHW Manager of Recreation; Jennifer MacIntyre, Nova Scotia Tourism Agency Development Officer; and Steve Vines, DHW Trails Consultant.

The joint ICT/NS Trails working group is in the process of organizing a gathering of trails community stakeholder representatives in the near future. The goal of this initial consultation is to solicit feedback from the trails community on the planned approach for developing a trails strategy. The working group has been investigating best practices around strategy development and will share their findings and planned approach. The working group plans to continue to consult with the trails community throughout the trails strategy development process. We will share further details to NS Trails' members as they become available.




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