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NS Trails Board Meeting February 7

Mark your calendars 
The NS Trails annual board meeting is taking place on Saturday, February 7. The agenda is as follows:
10 a.m. to noon-TCT Meeting 
Noon to 12:30 p.m.-Lunch (please RSVP if you intend to join us for lunch)
12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.-NS Trails Board Meeting
The meeting will take place in the Community Multipurpose Room at the Captain William Spry Community Centre, 16 Sussex Street, Halifax.

NS Trails Survey

Survey on trail use/involvement by women and girls in Nova Scotia
NS Trails conducted an online survey on trail use by women and girls in Nova Scotia and their involvement in the trails movement.
Our survey closed on Jan. 26, 2015. We would like to thank the many Nova Scotians who participated and we look forward to analyzing and sharing the results. 

White Hill Summit Award Recipient

Love your community trail?  Let your community trail group volunteers know how much you appreciate their hard work.  Community trails across Nova Scotia exist mostly due to volunteers who manage and maintain them.  

Each year, NS Trails recognizes one volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution to trail development in the province.  This year Stan Slack, President of the the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia was presented with the White Hill Summit Award.  Thank you Stan for all your have done to further the trail movement in Nova Scotia over the years!


NS Trails Volunteer President, Holly Woodill presented the White Hill Summit Award to Stan Slack at the NS Trails Annual General Meeting in June.  Below is an excerpt of Ms. Woodill's speech.

Special Presentation - White Hill Summit Award

Every year it is a pleasure for the President of the Federation to present this award, this year is no exception.  The award, named for the highest point of land in Nova Scotia, recognizes outstanding contribution to the development of recreational trails in the province by a volunteer.

This year’s recipient has been in the business of supporting trails and serving trail users for the best part of 5 decades. Highly respected by all trail users and builders alike. A strong advocate for cooperation and a positive influence on our trails and everyone he meets. Indeed a grand gentleman and proud grandfather. Mr Stan Slack participated in the beginnings of NSTrails back in 1989 at the original Trails for Tomorrow Conference.

You were the second person to serve as President of this Federation and have served several times as President of Snowmobile Association of Nova Scotia. Served for many years on the TCT Council now known as the TCT Committee, and I am told you were responsible for bringing the great Vera Stone to the table. Your volunteer service to the trails community is appreciated and recognized by various awards over the years, including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Stan has shown a significant commitment and dedication to trail development in Nova Scotia with his longstanding position on the Board of Directors of the Snowmobile Association of Nova Scotia, has been a champion of trail development and has supported and encouraged his fellow board members in their efforts.

As a founding board member and Past President of NSTrails and past and current President of SANS your involvement in this province has helped ensure the success of the trails movement province wide.

Encouraging joint collaboration amoung our members and associations and always available with a helping hand along the trail. Stan you personify everything about volunteering, service, cooperation and a good neighbor.

Nominated by Holly Woodill, President of NSTrails. Supported by Avery Bain, Past Chair of the Dynamite Trail Assoc, and Ted Scrutton, past President NS Trails, and Don Connor, Treasurer.

Mr Stan Slack on behalf of NS Trails and the trails communities in the Province of Nova Scotia, I thank you for dedication to the trails movement and am pleased to present to you the White Hill Summit Award.